About Us

MDECA Group is dedicated to the production and exportation of food products from Argentina and Paraguay all over the world. Its principal activity is production and supply of yerba mate products, hand-made accessories for mate drinking - gourds and bombillas for mate, natural sweetener Stevia rebaudiana and other herbs and plants for tea as well as chia and sesame seeds and products.

Since 2002 MDECA has successfully exported mate tea and accessories to different countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Nowadays it has representatives in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay with the main office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

MDECA offers the best assortment in mate tea accessories and packed mate tea, as well as high pureness in herbs and seeds such as yerba mate, stevia, lemon verbena, sesame and others. In order to know other areas of our activities, we invite you to visit the website of the South American Group of Companies "Movimiento de Capital" www.mdecagroup.com

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