About Burrito

Type: Aloysia polystachya
Family: Verbenaceae
Other names: té de burro, Wendita Calysina

Burrito (Aloysia polystachya) is a small plant which has a delicious smell and taste. It has been used as tea, infusions, in mixed teas and in dietary supplements as a remedy for the heat due to its refreshing properties in Argentina and Paraguay. Before lunch people drink this in mate or terere to relieve the oppressive heat. It is used as an aperitif, so as to have a good appetite for lunch. It also helps digestion after a large meal so unlike other refreshing remedies which are not to be drunk in the afternoons, can be drank after lunch as mate or terere.
A tea preparation of burrito can also be made by putting the leaves in boiling water. It stimulates digestion and helps in case of constipation, gastric acid, gastric and liver pains.



Dry pressed leaf
Leaves size: 1.5 – 5 cm


Ground leaf
Cut size:
0.5 – 1 cm

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