About Catuava

Botanical name: Psidium cinereum

The medicinal properties of catuava are known for its good gastric stimulator effect. It is also used as reactivator of male strength and of all the internal secretion glands. In the modern herbal medicine of Brazil catuava is considered to stimulate the nervous system with the properties of aphrodisiac and the its infusion is used against sexual impotence, tension, stress, neurasthenia, insomnia, hypochondria, bad memory or amnesia and sexual weakness, and pains related to the central nervous system.

In the European botanic medicine catuava is referred as aphrodisiac, stimulator of cerebrum and nerves. The U.S. specialists in herbs recommend catuava in the same cases – as tonic and stimulator for the central nervous system, in case of sexual impotence, general tiredness and fatigue, insomnia due to the hypertension, nervous tension and bad memory. Catuava is really good for men and women as aphrodisiac, but “in men the effectiveness was really high and there was no evidence of secondary effects even much time after using it.” The combination of yerba mate with catuava provokes a mighty energizer that fills all the body with vital energy and intensifies all feelings and senses.



Dry pressed leaf
Packing: PP bags per 25 kg.


Ground leaf
Cut size:
0.5 – 2 cm
Packing: PP bags per 7 kg.

Purity: 95%-98%
Moisture: not more than 7%.

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