About Rose Lapacho

Type: Tabebuia avellanedae
Family: Tabebuia

Lapacho is a tree that widely grows in the South and Central America. Naturally the tree grows up to 700 years. For many centuries the aborigines of Latin America have been using the plant in medicinal purposes. In the language of Guarani Lapacho is known as Tadzhi or "Tree of Life"; and is the national symbol of Paraguay.

The highest value is the tea from the tree bark, or "Incas Tea". The bark of Lapacho contains many minerals and elements. Together with calcium, iron and potassium, it has strontium, barium, iodine, boron and other rare elements necessary for the human body. As immune stimulator it is recommended in case of anemia, gastritis, diabetes and infections.



Bark in parts or ground bark of Rose Lapacho


Purity: 99,5-99,9%
Packing: polypropylene bags per 50 kg.
Color: reddish pink
Moisture: up to 5%

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