About Bitter Orange

Type: Citrus aurantium var. amara L.
Family: Rutaceae
Other names: Azahar, bigardio
Dark, green and hard leaves contain much essential oil. In this connection the bitter orange gained the first place as the source of aromatic extracts among 15 known types of citrus plants.
Dried purified leaves of bitter orange are used for the production of extracts and infusions.
Dried peel of the bitter orange fruits is used in the production of extracts and infusions for cosmetic and food industry.

Dry pressed leaf


- dry leaves - 95-98%;
- little sticks - 2-5%;
Moisture: 5-7%
Harvest period: September – June  
Packing: Polypropylene bags, pressed per 25 kg.

Dried peel
whole or ground (2-8 mm, 0.2-2 mm)cut


Purity: Dry fruit peel - 100%;
Moisture: 7-8%
Harvest: September - June
Packing: double polypropylene and polyethylene bag, per 15 kg.

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