About Lemon Verbena

Type: Aloysia triphylla
Family: Verbena
Other names: Cedron, Verbena triphylla, Lippia citriodora.
Lemon verbena is a perennial sub shrub plant from South America. It is famous by its good essential oils contained in leaves in big quantities.
Lemon verbena is used in the same way as mint, orange flowers or melisa. It helps in case of nervous tension and digestive problems. Dried leaves are used as tea which has refreshing effects and helps to restore the liver. They are also applied in case of stomach spasms and indigestion, stagnant liver, nervous tension and diseases caused by stress.
This plant is used in perfume industry in the production of perfume water on the citric base.
The leaves, flowers and young sprouts are used in cookery thanks to their tender lemon aroma. They are added in sweet dishes like gelatins and jams, in tea and other drinks.



Pressed dry leaf
Leaves size: 2 – 5 cm


Entire selected leaf
Leaves size:
4 – 6 cm


Ground leaf
Cut size:
2 mm – 8 mm


Fine ground leaf for tea bags (TBC)
Cut size:
0.2 mm – 8 mm

Purity: Green leaves - more than 95%.
Damaged / yellow, brown leaves - approx. 3%.
Moisture: not more than 7%.
Color: green.
Aroma: very good, slightly lemon.
Harvest period: September - April
Packing: Polypropylene bags per 25. Carton boxes for selected leaves.

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